HAVET Arena – Nyhavna, Trondheim

Our projects

All of our projects and products aim to meet the highest level of quality in both design, materials and ecology!

Our customers are private and public.

We deliver a completely finished product. Should you wish to privately order a floating or land based construction for your garden or cabin, we will deliver it straight to your door. We will also provide assistance with the facilitation of infrastructure, such as water and electricity. 

If your project is a larger urban development, be it private or public, we can deliver anything from simple units to floating villages, with a variety of facilities. The projects will be tailored to site and location.

Through many years of working with architectural, artistic and cultural projects, our qualifications are solid, both when it comes to the start up process, and the daily running of the business.

HAVET Arena, Trondheim (2022)
ARK – Floating Sauna & Bathing Village (2022)

ARK Trondheim is a part of a large urban development scheme in Nyhavna. We have developed and delivered a floating village which measures 400 square meters. It boasts four public saunas, a Russian inspired banja, one bathtub inspired by the Japanese Onsen, as well as a salt water pool, bar and reception, shower, bathing jetty, kayak raft, and a diving tower with a height of 3 and 5,5 meters. 

ARK Bathing & Diving Fleet with ARK Kajakk Fleet, HAVET, Trondheim, 2022

New Projects

We are currently developing a new set of designs in the ARK family of products and bathing experiences that will launch in 2023. These products will be made available for both private and public customers and consists of both small mobile saunas and compact bathing houses. Stay tuned for more to come.


Floating Sauna – Bergen Art Academy, 1999

The beginning of the “Norwegian sauna fever”. Workshop with students of the Art Academy in Bergen 1999. Sami Rintala has held 236 architecture workshops all over the world and is one of the pioneers behind the booming interest in sauna culture in Norway today. 

SALT, Sandhornøy, 2014

In collaboration between locals and location, architects, scientists, artists, curators and organizers, the art and culture project  SALT was established at Sandhornøy in 2014.

Àrdna – Large Public Sauna, SALT, Sandhornøy 2014.

Árdna – a Sami word meaning “the search for a hidden treasure, a secret”. The construction, located at the SALT arena, is an amfi and a multi purpose space, for performing arts and concerts. On weekends it is a large sauna. 

SALT, Oslo, 2022

 SALT in Oslo is a melting pot for the village and the city, the young and the old, the short and the tall. Those who come to SALT are curious, interested in culture, and appreciate the relaxed and inclusive atmosphere. SALTs atmosphere is a mix between the fishing villages of Northern Norway and of Kreutzberg-Berlin.

Floating Sauna in Soomaa Forest – Estonia, 2017

Floating Sauna in Soomaa Forest – Estonia. Project with Tallina Art Academy in 2017 led by Sami Rintala. 

Grjotangr, Public Sauna, Gratangen, 2021

Public sauna in Gratangen. Built by locals on a voluntary basis. Built from an old log house, and crowd funded. Always open, book it here.

Vulkana, Floating Spa Boat, 2009

Vulkana was built in 1957. In the North Sea she caught sprinkling, herring and mackerel, and in Lofoten she caught cod and coalfish by ring net. During the summer she was busy catching whales around Bjørnøya and by the polar ice edge North of Svalbard. In 2007 the boat was ready for condemnation at Senja. We decided to rescue the doomed vessel. Some important structural/aesthetic qualities were kept intact, whilst some new facilities where established, such as a salt water bath, a wood fired sauna, hammam, cold bath, a Japanese inspired relax room, and a restaurant.

Let’s make something beautiful together.

Vulkana Floating Objects

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