The simple act of bathing can be a wonderful experience, a physical and ritual cleansing.

It is our mission to share this experience with others. Our land based and floating ARK baths are inspired by our own Nordic cultural heritage, as well as the Japanese and Turkish bathing traditions.

In all cultures, and at all times, bathing has been about cleansing oneself, bodily as well as spiritually. In the rough and cold climate of Norway, Finland and Russia, people have come together in bath houses, saunas and banjas. In Japan, the sacred bath, the Onsen, has provided tranquility and healing since ancient times. The “Heitur Pottir”, the warm springs of Iceland, are treasured meeting spots, and in Arabic countries people gather in beautiful, steamy Hammams. We harness elements from the various bathing cultures, and adapt them to the environment and the raw materials found here in the North. This alchemical process brings about some new and exciting solutions.

HAVET Arena, Nyhavna, Trondheim (2022)

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