In our part of the world, the winters are long and dark, whilst the summers are brief, cool and with endless daylight. Boats and houses have been built to endure a rough climate. The same can be said of our ARK objects: they are designed to withstand a harsh environment. 

In recent years, Nordic culture has had a renaissance in the avenues of architecture, culture and way of life. Boats and houses are built as single, small units. This means less materials, less maintenance, and less energy and resources. This provides practical and flexible solutions. Our ARKs are designed to make the most out of little. 

The Nordic cultural heritage is an abundant source of inspiration. With our ARKs, we fuse our combined skill sets, and channel this into a beautiful experience of physical and ritual cleansing. To create a form that can be shared, and a joy that is palpable. That is our aim. 

Old Sami Sauna (Badstue) in Finnmark

Workshop, exploring new designs for the ARK products to come.

“I think people need to be more in touch with reality than ever before, to physically feel and touch things, and to connect with nature and landscape. Bathing is a way to take busyness and stress away, and give people the proper time and place to meet the elements, each other and themselves”

Sami Rintala, Architect