ARK will set the standard for the building solutions of the future. Our projects are grounded in a philosophical notion of respect for traditional architecture and materials, fused with contemporary, urban, well considered design objects. Our ambition is that the builds are a testament to circular economy and urban mobility. 

An ARK project has been thoughtfully planned and executed, from the first conceptual and philosophical idea, to the architectural expression, the sense of space and the technical solutions. Our projects can be connected directly to electricity or drainage, or be energy self sufficient with their own toilet system and waste water treatment systems. We harbor the energy from the sun, the earth, the ocean, and wind energy in our projects.


The builds in our ARK projects are made utilizing a building system of high quality CLT (cross laminated timber).  We have developed the system in cooperation with TEWO (two.no), resulting in the highest quality and sturdiness, using mainly Nordic wood. Our CLT is made from Norwegian pine and is insulated with wood fiber insulation. Our builds are inspired by the craft used in traditional log houses, as well as other traditional building methods from the Arctic. 


We offer flat, curved and angular roofs, which can feature a green roof (heather, herbs and flowers) or a deck with a diving board if this is requested. Our roofs are well ventilated and include a high quality Protab Extreme membrane. We deliver fittings in varnished aluminum or galvanized steel, and we offer various different roofings adapted to the wishes and needs of the client: sedum roof, wooden roof, steel roof, aluminum roof etc.


In cooperation with NOFI in Tromsø we have developed a system for floating elements, meeting our high standards for sturdiness and flexibility. This system allows us to deliver high quality solutions, which are adaptive to various water and weather conditions. The floating elements are produced using high quality, high density polyethylene (HDPE). These are high quality materials that are adapted for the extreme arctic climate, and is very well suited for repurposing and recycling. Our system is also easily disassembled, and efficiently transported on land and by sea. 


We design and build our own interiors for the projects, be this sauna benches, hot tubs (onsen), benches and cabinets for wardrobes, beds, dining tables, stairs, wash basins etc. We use high quality materials such as heat treated aspen, ash tree, solid wood, soapstone, slate stone, pine heartwood and other locally sourced high quality materials. 


We care about unity, moods, and sensory qualities, using all of our senses whilst spending time in nature as well as with architecture. That is why we offer our clients a variety of add-ons to the project: to create the unique mood you are after. This selection of additions is under continuous development, but today we can offer flower boxes, both outdoor and indoor mood lighting, integrated speakers, outdoor power outlet, outdoor and indoor shower, toilet system, and outdoor or indoor hot tub with heating and cleaning system. The possibilities are endless, and we are always open to new suggestions. 

Our large floating ARK Sauna & Bathing Village and Bathing and Diving Fleet, HAVET Arena, Trondheim, Norway.